Different Print Mediums & How to Choose

There are many different types of art materials available to artists, and each one has its own unique characteristics and benefits. Today, we will explore the different types of art materials, including canvas, watercolor paper, acrylic prints, and metal prints.



Canvas is a popular material for oil and acrylic painting. It is made from cotton or linen and is stretched over a wooden frame. Canvas is durable and allows for a wide range of brush strokes and techniques, making it a versatile choice for artists. The texture of the canvas can also add depth and interest to the artwork.

If you want the look of a stretched canvas over a wooden frame while saving some serious cash, consider opting for a canvas print. 


Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper is a must-have. It is specifically designed to absorb water, allowing the paint to spread and blend in a way that is unique to watercolor. The texture and weight of the paper can also affect the look and feel of the final artwork. Reproduction prints are available on watercolor paper. This saves on cost (vs shelling out more for the original) while still providing a depth and weight to the piece. 

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are a modern and high-quality way to display photographs and digital artwork. They are made by printing the image onto an acrylic sheet, creating a glossy and vibrant finish. Acrylic prints are durable and resistant to fading, making them a great choice for long-term displays.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are another modern and unique way to display photographs and digital artwork. They are made by printing the image directly onto metal, creating a sleek and modern look. Metal prints are water and scratch resistant, making them a durable choice for long-term displays. They also offer a range of options, including brushed metal and metallic finishes, which can add an extra level of visual interest to the artwork.

Whether you prefer traditional materials like canvas or more modern options like acrylic prints and metal prints, the right choice will depend on the style and subject matter of the artwork and your personal style. With so many options available, the possibilities for having stunning and personalized artwork are endless.